Why us?

Dedicated workforce, 24/7

At Yi Kwang Signcrafts Pte Ltd, our workforce is highly motivated to adhere to the strictest requirements from our valued customers. We endeavour the best to ensure that all of our customers walk away with a great sense of satisfaction.

Over 40 Years Of Professional Experience

Carrying a wealth of experience at our fingertips is definitely our competitive advantage. We understand perfectly on our customers’ dilemma and predicaments. Through the various advancements on our work processes and keeping abreast of the latest developments, we are able to share with you more valuable and practical advices. You can stay pampered with us.

Competitive Rates

Our products are charged at some of the most competitive prices and rates available, with all costs explained clearly before you purchase from us. At Yi Kwang Signcrafts Pte Ltd, our prices and rates are transparent and we are committed to provide upfront prices with no hidden costs.


In the pursual for excellence, integrity remains paramount to us because we understand the importance of trust for our customers. We are here to built long-lasting relationships with all of our customers.

Efficient Service Providers

We believe that for our customers, time is money. Whatever is the quantity of the work order, or whether is an urgent work order, we promise to deliver on time. Our reliability and efficiency are the best guarantees to our customers.

Quality Assurance

At Yi Kwang Signcrafts Pte Ltd, it is our No.1 intent that our customers will receive quality products at the best prices. Through the provision of due diligence on the even slightest details, we are able to achieve the highest quality of engraving and fabrication. Our customers can be assured that all the finished products are thoroughly inspected by our Quality Control team to ensure that the highest standards are met.

Market Leader

We are the Singapore’s largest engraving and fabrication solutions provider and the No.1 engraving and fabrication solutions provider for customer satisfaction in Singapore. Many other local enterprises had recommended Yi Kwang Signcrafts Pte Ltd for the highest in customer satisfaction in Singapore.

Service Excellence

We take our clients' needs seriously, which is why we are delighted to be named Singapore's No.1 engraving and fabrication solutions provider for customer satisfaction once again. Visit us with your problems today and we will offer you the solutions by tomorrow.

We Make Quality Affordable For You

We will always strive to provide the most economical services in the market without compromising on quality. Our customers can expect to benefit the best from our effective and avant-grade technologies.

Continuous Improvement

As we grow, we are consistently enhancing on our expertise and improving on our work-processes to stay relevant and competitive in an industry well known for continuous transitions, just for the benefits of our customers.