About us: Engraving Specialists

Over 40 years In The Fabrication Business

Our business was founded way back in the year of 1969. Throughout the past 40 years, we have developed our strengths from a humble shop-house to a well-established company with a premier presence in Singapore. Year after year, our overall growth has been exponential. We have always believed in one principle: ‘Our customers are our business and we strive our best to show consistency, integrity and sincerity to them.’ We carry with us unyielding beliefs in forming amicable working relationships with all of our customers and we endeavor to deliver genuine values to them.

We Take Developments Seriously

The past decade saw the rapid development of technological advances in automation and we are quick to capitalize on such advances. Presently, our fabrication lines are competent to either meet urgent requests from our customers or handle large-scale fabrication orders.

Unique Blend Of Expertise

Innovation and a passion for getting things right remains in abundance across all of our staffs. We understand the challenges that our customers are facing. Hence, our products and services have consistently outperformed industry standards: customer satisfaction, quantity of outputs, quality of outputs, turnaround time and so on. The list is non-exhaustive.

A Better Today

Today, Yi Kwang Signcrafts Pte Ltd is proud to be the leading company for engraving services, signage and label products. Our distinct workmanship, fabrication management expertise, in-depth fabrication knowledge and uncompromising standard of qualities have attained the respect and trust of our customers. We are widely recognized with a strong market presence in Singapore, offering a comprehensive products range and services. Our customers are from well-diversified industries, including government organisations and prominent MNCs. Yi Kwang Signcrafts Pte Ltd is a long-standing, reputable company with a strong track record of fabrication excellence, recognized within the industry’s leading accolades. With us, our customers can be rest assured of service excellence from our dedicated team of staffs.